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 Bay City Michigan

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Greetings to everyone viewing this site. My name is Joe and I am the owner of Joe’s photography out of Bay City Michigan. I have been a photographer since high school. In the last few years I've done almost every kind of photography there is; wedding, children, family, Graduation, and other Special Event. I have two college degree along with credit form HP Photography and NYI of Photography to my list of credit. For when it come to taking photos my favorite are glamour and portraiture and the artistic nude. I'm always interested in finding new faces for my projects and time permitting, I'll travel a bit to shoot a reliable model (the key word here is ''reliable''). Hope you see something on the menu that you like.

I love to mix photo to keep it fresh. But I always like to hear the idea you have and go form there. I don't have a lot of equipment so I tend to let the model shine in the photo since you the important part of the photo. If we are working together, I want to make you shine. Everything else is just secondary.

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Sorry haven't post in a while been in the process in moving and helping a looking for studio space. But working up so new idea for the coming winter .. If you up for wild winter shoot let me know

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Welcome to my wall, feel free to leave a message


hey there new friend :)


I would love to work with you on some sets!! That would be great! Just continue to keep me informed and I'm down!! :~) Thanks!!