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I am Jon Arthur of www.JFAphotography.net and www.JFAphotodolls.com.
I have been a photographer all my life and photograph: ladies, pinups, models, goth, punk, adult, porn, nude, artistic nude, portfolio, alternative, fetish,
adult, private, personal, tattoos, piercings, body art and more......

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The Allman Brothers

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Hush, hush sweet Charlotte

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The Modern Pin-Up

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photography of a girl's, passion and beauty

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Posted on 11/17/2013 by JFA Photography   
I am shooting with Nadia Night, Shay Morgan, Jessica Sinn, if you want to do a shoot with me just send me a message and I will reserve time for you. My email is hollyjon9@sbcglobal.net

thank you,

Jon Arthur

  • Posted on 11/09/2013 by JFA Photography   
    looking for bondage 18 plus female models in the Orange county, CA area. Please email me for a reservation at hollyjon9@sbcglobal.net

    thank you,

    Jon Arthur

  • Posted on 02/28/2013 by JFA Photography   
    looking for tattooed models to photograph in southern california

  • Posted on 11/29/2011 by DominikaWenz   
    Hey Thank you for accepted me:-) I wish to come to California!!!!

  • Posted on 09/07/2011 by LittleAlice   
    Thank you for the tag, PM sent!

  • Posted on 05/03/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    You know what, thats been a place ive been wanting to visit but I dont know if Im going to get the chance soon. Im off to see some of Europe next

  • Posted on 05/02/2011 by Shakikai   
    Ooo.. Thanks for that quote. I love Thoreau quotes... so much depth.. and yet very understandable by almost everyone. Thank you for accepting my friendship. I will be in Cali this summer... not sure for how long or how busy I will be.. but I hope to oneday cross paths. :) <3

  • Posted on 04/30/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Wow... what a way to make a guy feel jealous...lol Sounds like it will be a great shoot!

  • Posted on 05/19/2010 by veronicathefrench   
    yes i love them good job they are great!!!!

  • Posted on 03/14/2010 by AnnabellLee   
    Thank you! :)

  • Posted on 11/06/2009 by Jasmin   
    Thank you for the sweet words ;)

  • Posted on 08/02/2009 by CarolineSweet   
    Thanks Jon! :)

  • Posted on 07/22/2009 by DinaDeSade   
    hello sweetheart!

  • Posted on 07/19/2009 by carbondecay   
    hey thanks for the kinds words, i would love to collab with her, i just havent made any plans at the moment to travel. finance arent cutting it right now, or i would have been there yesterday!

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