FrankFetish is glad the set BritneySiren posed for me has finally gone live! I've jumped through all the zivity hoops and finally have a set posted.





About Me

Mature models [in years and/or comport] are welcome. I am always open to working with those still finding their way, into fetish themes, or simply curious and wanting to try.

I tend to work more from a theme as opposed to broad concepts.
My theme of preference is fetish.
Under that umbrella is where my work tends to dwell much like monsters under the bed or even trolls under a bridge. I always have a few photo-session ideas in mind, some darker than others. Some are daring while other people might think they're mundane. It's all very subjective. Add to that my own proclivities as an artist, brother, father, husband, lifestyler, biker, designer and my new interest in video and that line between decadent & depraved is guaranteed to blur.

Just understand this: If you want to "go there" I'm likely to grab a torch and lead the way into the darkness. As the song goes, "I'll take you there."


Content Developer


Las Vegas

My Hometown

[Sweet Home] Chicago

My Superpower

I manifest at will. Whatever it is I focus my mind on becomes real and appears before me.

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