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 Seattle, WA

stoked about getting a set live.

I have always enjoyed the work of Olivia de Berardinas, Helmut Newton, Suze Randall, and so many others. A few years ago, I took my courage, and my camera, in both hands, and began shooting with models through a local group.

I have had a great time, so far. I have worked with some awesome models, and learned a great deal. Some things were good, some life's bitter lessons. But every shoot I get just a bit better, a bit more aware, capture slightly better images.

So what is my style? I can say I don't want to be the guy who always shoots models in front of neutral backgrounds, though I've been known to do so on occasion. I like shoots where the background matters, too. I like contrasts, and the unexpected. I am the king of improvisational shooting, and can make great images from whatever we bring or find on set. However, I am always looking to expand my range, my repertoire, to find shoots that challenge me to dig deeper, so what I have shows where I have been so far, but doesn't limit where I am going. I like all kinds of models: tall and short, skinny or curvy, tattooed and pierced, or just plain. All women are beautiful, and I want to capture that beauty. I love making great art, and to me, there is no better feeling than looking at an image and thinking, "Nailed it!"

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Thank you for accepting my FR


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Thanks for accepting my friend request :) Will we be seeing any new sets from you in the near future?