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 East Central Florida

Brand new here and Looking for People to shoot.....

I am a basically a glamour and portrait photographer with a bit of Vintage/Retro photography thrown in. I do this full time. If you are interested in expanding your modeling portfolio or you want some quality images, please contact me. I have a Makeup Artist available for shoots if needed.

I have several projects that I am working on and planning to start. I usually post Castings when I have any.
I have been known to forego my usual fees for models that travel to this area on their own dime.

I like to have meetings with models/clients before I shoot with them. This gives me an idea of what you are like and it lets the you get to know me a bit before shooting together.

I feel that if you want to be taken as a serious model, not a person who just wants some pictures for their albums, you must invest in yourself. Whether it be in the form of paying a good photographer for photo sessions or just showing up to a shoot.

If I contact you PLEASE respond so that I can keep better track of who I will be working with.

You will find that I can be easy to work with and will listen to what type of images you want to develop for your style of modeling. We can try different looks to find the ones that you like and that works best for you.

****** I do not Pay models that I have not worked with before, nor do I recommend models to clients that I have not work with. *******

NOTICE: For models/clients under 18 years of age, I prefer that your parents are involved. A parent chaperone is necessary for any meetings or shoots. All work must be age appropriate. Also, I generally do not offer TFP to anyone under 18 years of age.

For your comfort and safety, I allow (with prior knowledge)models to have a female companion accompany them to my meetings and photo shoots. My wife sometimes goes with me on my shoots for MY safety. She is also my MUA and wardrobe person.

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After a long absence, I am back and hoping to get some sets shot.....

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You're welcome. :) I hope to see some of your work here soon. <3