Atlanta, GA

I found a camera in a trash can several years ago – I though it was a cigarette lighter at first. You can imagine how surprised I was to find out it was a camera. After many weeks of trying to put film in the damn thing, the kid next door said it was a digital camera and it didn’t use film. I was dumbfounded – the kid next door said, “No, you’re just dumb.”

Seriously, I have a background in Television Production and Advertising to include copywriting and graphic design. Also, I was Creative Director for Lipscomb & Company, a full-service advertising agency in Atlanta, GA.

Like most artistic pursuits, the photographer is never totally happy with his work. The creative process is evolutionary -- a process of joyful discovery.

The work I'm doing today may not be the work I'll be doing tomorrow -- that does not concern me because I know the journey is more important than the destination.

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Love your debut set! It's so creative! Welcome to Zivity :)
Love your debut set! It's so creative! Welcome to Zivity :)
KatrinaWhite Bland