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 Mexico City

having problems with my bank account, havent been able to verify account. sorry guys, I will be back asap, I dont forget about you, promise!

hello world of wonderful sensuality! I am Wolf and I am new here in Zivity. I've been modeling for two years and a half and I enjoy always getting better at what I do and love. My body is seen by me with a load or beauty and respect, I believe it to be important that one loves oneself external and internally so this is my path of growing and learning to know and love myself. We are all beautiful as long as we take care of ourselves, so this is what I try to do and show now. I've got 16 tattoos, always getting more, 5 piercings, gauged ears and dreadlocks. Oh and my hair is either black or blue like the ocean. Have a kind of a creepy addiction to the color blue, you might notice as you get to know me. Feel free to say hello and any comment is always appreciated very much. I will be uploading my first sets for the site very soon, and I will have sexy incentives for you! Hope to see you around, Wolf.

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4 Photosets


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Hi to you beautiful people! I'm an alternative model from Mexico City and a proud SuicideGirl.

My sets:

One is 'An Introduction' by wonderful photographer Cudnovatifoto.
The second one is 'dragon sleeves' by lovely LLuvia Photography.
I wish they are of your likening and you can get a first glance at what I intend to show in my pictures.

Look at it here:
and the second one here:

And now here are the first incentives I will offer for both sets (soon more cool ideas on them for my next ones) :

*5 votes - the set in high resolution

*15 votes - 14 outtakes from the set

*20 votes - 8 too hot for zivity photos

Stairway to Blue- By inRawwetrust
See it here:

*5 votes: full set in HD

*10 votes: 11 outtakes from the set and full HD set

*20 votes: 22 outtakes from the set and full HD set

*25 votes: 3 too hot for zivity photos, 22 outtakes and full HD set

*30 votes: all of the above PLUS a sexy dancy webcam video

New set by CudnovatiFoto: Wine down, Ass up.

If you are into invasive close ups you might love the incentives this time! Check them out:

5 votes= the set in Hi-res

10 votes= the set in hi-res and 10 outtakes

20 votes= the set in hi-res, 10 outtakes and 8 extra sexy pics

30 votes= the set in hi.res, 10 outtakes, 8 extra sexy pics and a surprise set of me and my affair with the sun and a glass door

and soon...
new webcam video incentives; in two different styles!
Stay tuned!

Really excited to get feedback and get to meet cool and insightful people. Let's keep this Zivity party going!

With care,

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Muchas cosas han cambiado en mi vida recientemente. Esto me hace preguntarme, qué entra encendido en la suya hoy en día? Echo de menos nuestra mensajes de ida y vuelta

Escríbeme pronto,espléndido Azul Loba


Hope your doing well. Id really appreciate your vote on my new set "through a vector" its in a contest id really like to win and its based off of how many different numbers of voters there are so I just need one vote from you if possible! Thank you! xoxoxox


Hardworking hedonist; I love that