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 San Francisco and Santa Rosa, CA

Just published Halequinade! I'd love if you checked it out, we submitted it for a contest!

Hey, I'm Wenchi and I'm here to tickle your fantasies with my art and the sexy incentives I've included along with my sets.

Thank you so much for stopping by, your support and love for my passion keeps me out here doing this, entertaining us both one photo at a time.

I've been modeling since 2007, starting out as primarily an "alternative" model. What I've been striving for in the past few years is bringing beauty and sensuality to all themes and aspects of my modeling shoots.

I have been modeling full time since I left activist work in 2011, and need your support to keep this my full time gig. I strive to make sets lovely enough to let me live a life for my art and your entertainment. I love suggestions on ideas and themes, and your continued input will help carve the model I am ultimately becoming.

Thanks again loves, hit me up <3 feel free to drop a note if you stop by.

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6 Photosets


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Hey folks,
first and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by my Zivity profile! I adore every time you stop by my page, because that means you're supporting my work and learning more about me. Thanks for giving me your time!

I have some sexy new pictures up that I hope you enjoy, and you can find incentives for them below!

I have an amazon wishlist, where if you buy stuff for me from it, I'll send you hot photos of me showing it off.
If I can I'll try to make a set revolving around the gifts.
All of these gifts go toward pushing my modeling career and my career as a makeup artist further along and get used in not just my ziv sets but in my fashion and editorial photos as well!
Here's the link:


one hi-res photo from any of these sets
"Water and Rock" (
"Swimming in the Sun" (
"Smoking Hot" (


I have Incentives for these sets:
"Water and Rock"
"Swimming in the Sun"
"Smoking Hot"

15 votes - download access to the full res, unwatermarked photographs
35 votes - all of the above PLUS access to a secret bonus set
50 votes - all of the above PLUS access to a fun and sexy video of me in this outfit showing some extra skin ;)
100 votes or more - all of the above PLUS a personalized video thanking you and taking personal request for footage that falls within the boundaries of Zivity-like-content

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hello there, thanks for accepting my FR!


One of the most astonishing models on Zivity, Wish I could shoot you one day.


Thanks for accepting my friendship, wenchi!! >^+^<