by fractal featuring poshy

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fractal says: “Poshy lounges in her Asian robe.”

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  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Very sexy set

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Very nice! Love the monochrome...

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Fractal strikes again with a killer set that just oozes atmosphere and sexiness, not to mention a great piece of work from poshy... Bravo to them both imho!

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    whatever poshy and fractal are selling...i'm buying! yay!

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    ;) had to throw that last vote to SOMEONE! figured you were a great person to throw it at! (can you THROW votes? LOL) <333