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 Chicago, IL

My name is Lauren Koenig a.k.a. LA Woman (no, I have never lived in LA, nor have I been there - if you know what it stands for, that means we have worked together...or we are going to work together!)

I am a hard working woman and would like to shoot with very creative, honest people. I am an artist/photographer myself, so I understand the work that needs to be done.

I am extremely versatile - I swim, box, play the flute, paint, draw and design as much as I can; I have lived in France and traveled extensively at my age. I love meeting new people and I pride myself on my strong networking skills. I work very hard to make sure that both the photographer and I benefit from the shoot. I pull my weight when needed and do not expect any royal treatment - a job needs to be done so "Work Hard, Play Hard."

I am extremely easy to shoot with. I understand what photographers want and take direction well - I also consider myself very creative and end up developing great ideas with the crew. I have a great eye for photography, therefore, I am picky who I work with.

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Hey, I love your chalk set. Very unique!