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 Phoenix, AZ

looking to shoot Zivity sets!

I am an alt/fetish/pinup style model. I have posed as everything from a vampire queen avatar for a video game debut presentation to a stylized "swamp" photographic version of The Birth of Venus. I regularly pose in pinup projects, do runway shows, editorial projects, and artistic endeavors. Fetish shoots are my bread and butter at this point and I am completely comfortable with almost any artistic nude and fetish work.

I really enjoy art projects of all sorts and I am open and eager to work in various media on a wide variety of projects. I will field some TF requests but generally only those that add something *UNIQUE* to my existing body of work.

Please note that many shots you see in my port do not display my current state of tattooed-ness. If you want to ensure you are up to speed on just how inky I actually am, be sure to ask.

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haha indeed! *happy dance*


no way. we are meant to be parnters in crime..because LOVE cupcakes!!!! :D


hehe i apparently had already found u..mwahaha <3