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About Me

I'm L3XTH353X or Alyx Carbon
Thats Lex The Sex, for all of you not well versed in leet speak.
I'm an alternative/goth/fetish model residing in Norfolk, VA.
Besides modeling, I do merchandise and promotions for local and touring bands.

I like: smoke rings, Maine Coons, pounding bass lines, and raspberries.

Here are my various links to EVERYTHING!



Alternative Culture Deviant



My Hometown

Great White North

Favorite Music

Death Oontz

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  • Posted on 07/02/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Would love to see new sets from you :)

  • Posted on 12/25/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Merry Christmas! :)

  • Posted on 11/22/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Have a nice Thanksgiving! :)

  • Posted on 10/16/2012 by Angel_X   
    Thanks for the add, love!!! <3

  • Posted on 05/16/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request :) Love your new set :)

  • Posted on 05/10/2012 by Stumpy666   
    So beautiful :)

  • Posted on 04/28/2012 by RazorCandi   
    Thanks for the add :)

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Stumpy666   
    Very beautiful pictures!

  • Posted on 04/20/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Welcome back! It has been a long time! Looking forward to seeing some new sets from you soon.

  • Posted on 11/12/2011 by AlycHope   
    hey darling how are you lately

  • Posted on 08/18/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Love the Wavelength set! Well done. Neon green = <3

  • Posted on 08/04/2011 by Just_Lisa   
    What a beautiful, playful, little rocker you are! I adore you.

  • Posted on 06/22/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    Howdy and pleased to meet you new friend!

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by TameBabyParrots   
    Thanks for the friendship :P

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by Pirate Photography   
    thanks for the fr, you live in Norfolk US, I live in Norfolk UK :) and yay for Maine Coons!

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by Nile   
    Thanks for the add:)

  • Posted on 06/19/2011 by regb   
    New set should go live tonite!

  • Posted on 06/13/2011 by onirico   
    Hi! great collection here ;)

  • Posted on 06/11/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Hi. Thanks for your friendship!

  • Posted on 06/08/2011 by l3xth353x   
    New set Wavelength 530 is up!

  • Posted on 06/10/2011 by nfern   
    look at you, bustin out sets left and right! ;)

  • Posted on 06/09/2011 by Sapphirelove666   
    Hope all is well with you =]]

  • Posted on 06/09/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Thank you!!! ^_^ And to you as well.

  • Posted on 06/09/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Greetings new friend! It is my pleasure!

  • Posted on 06/08/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    love ur new set!

  • Posted on 06/06/2011 by l3xth353x   
    Noah T
    Sarah Beth

    Vote on my self-shot's and get never before seen extras, and any vote gets you a sneak peek of RegB's set!

  • Posted on 06/07/2011 by DesTodesPhotography   
    Hey, yourself!

  • Posted on 06/07/2011 by Shakikai   
    Yay! Can't wait to see your upcoming sets!! Whoo hoo! <3

  • Posted on 06/01/2011 by l3xth353x   
    Any number of votes get you a teaser to my upcoming RegB set!

  • Posted on 06/01/2011 by nfern   
    editing your zombie set! :)

  • Posted on 05/31/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    Thank you for hitting me up! My schedule is pretty tight for the rest of june- I think I have openings early-mid july- how do evenings or weekends work for you?

  • Posted on 05/27/2011 by CandyLust   
    Thanks so much for the fr!

  • Posted on 05/26/2011 by Fragocide   
    Herro prease! Finally getting my first set up. We'll see how this goes...

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by WhiteTrash   
    Wow....thank you so much sweetpea! Incrediblysexy by the way!! :)

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by mfarring13   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! great start to the self shot sets!!

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by mfarring13   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! great start to the self shot sets!!

  • Posted on 05/23/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Hi, new friend! Looking forward to seeing your first Zivity set.

  • Posted on 05/23/2011 by EyeOfRa   
    Great to see you on here! :)

  • Posted on 05/22/2011 by nfern   
    hey, babe! yay for making a ziv!! the husband will have to shoot you now :)

  • Posted on 05/12/2011 by Photogofer   
    Welcome. Have fun. And post some sets for us.

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