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in Organic Coffee (15 photos)

by BoldDaniel


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“So, as many of you may know, I am not much of a social activist. There are very few worthy causes that I feel I can make much of a difference in. This one though, is one of them… I am appalled at the way large coffee growers and suppliers strip the earth naked to grow coffee, which btw I love to drink. I have for years tried to do my part by at the very least purchasing organic and fair trade coffee. I am very happy to say Thank you to Happy Goat roasters of Ottawa for the awesome coffee I have been enjoying and thank you for the props that you provided for this shoot. Thank you also to GingeXO for climbing into these rough burlap sacks to do the “I would rather be Naked then drink Crap Coffee” shoot. She is one of the 7 new models that I had the pleasure of entering their debut sets on zivity in the New Model contest and this set into the Red October contest.”



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