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Dolly Dahl

 san francisco

Loving all of the very sweet messages and wall posts. I'm definitely going to miss emailing with all of you every day. :)

How to make a Dolly Dahl


2 cups retro glamour
1 cup dangerous curves
1 cup perfect hair
1 strand luminous pearls
A dash of red lipstick, perfectly applied
One pair long, dark lashes, expertly curled
Assorted high-waisted skirts, to taste
Kitten heels and mules for garnish – remember, some feathers are a must!
One fully stocked vanity or dressing table
The perfect cupcake recipe, in multiple variations
A frilly pink apron
Donna Reed's impeccable domestic taste
Lucille Ball's sense of fun
Betty Page's boudoir appeal


1). Spend plenty of time at your vanity. Apply lipstick, powder, and perfume as needed. Don't forget the perfect coiffure, lovely nails, and lush, curled lashes.

2). Bake and frost a batch of delicious, adorably decorated cupcakes. Distribute among your friends and neighbors. Don't forget to keep some aside for your own home, arranged just so on a vintage serving plate.

3). Do some light housecleaning. Remember to wear a frilly apron and some cute shoes – anyone could be watching!

4). It's time for some entertainment! Read a new book, find out something new and interesting about the state of the nation or the world, or start learning a new skill. Perhaps it's time to begin knitting a new sweater or monogramming handkerchiefs for you and your man!

5). Prepare cocktails; sip one yourself and had the other to your man when he comes home from a hard day's work. Serve a delicious, healthful meal with the second one.

6). Ask your man how his day went. Listen attentively and then share with him the interesting things you've read about and done during the day.

7). Time to wind down for the evening – primp in the bathroom; slide into some delicious silk stockings and a slithery satin robe. Remember, there's nothing as alluring to your man as a flash of stocking or a sliver of thigh peeping out from your robe.

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letting everyone know my last day at Zivity is Feb 8. Sad to leave but excited for new beginnings. I've throughly enjoyed my time here and love each and every one of you. I can't wait to see what this amazing site becomes. I'll still be around though! xoxox

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Happy Halloween!

Kitty Wood

Hey sweetie! How are you? Hope you had an amazing summer! <3

(deleted) Angel_X

Thanks so much for the add! You are truly lovely!

Enjoy your night!