Dirty Dahlia

in Hookah Love (28 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Dahlia loves her Hookah.. so when she heard about the High Times in Hot Pants prize.. she knew right away that she wanted to enter it...We shot nearly 300 frames on this set.. so it was pretty tough to narrow it down.. consequently there are a lot of bonus photos in the Full Res album for this set... Also this is our second hookah shoot we've done.. the first being long before we joined Zivity... so.. you will find some of the photos from our first Hookah shoot.. in the bonus album for this one as well! This is going to yield a Bonus Album that will be LOADED with bonus content! See my profile for more details on how to access those images! ”



MIlk and Cookies

featuring Dirty Dahlia


intimate Sheer

featuring Dirty Dahlia



featuring Dirty Dahlia


Making of Dirty

featuring Dirty Dahlia


Mirror Mirror

featuring Jovynlinn


Rainy Days

featuring Cicilawls

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