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Dirty Dahlia

in I Read it for the Articles.. (27 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“We all know we read Playboy for the articles, right? Well that and the beautiful photos of course. Dahlia was visiting one of our local community garage sales a few weeks ago and came across a box of old Playboy magazines and she quickly snapped it up. It was only later when she got home did she discover what a treasure she had... she had gotten someone's "collection" of Playboy magazines.. most of the magazines in this collection are older than Dahlia is... some of them by nearly double. When she started planning the Thigh Highs shoot for Playboy... she knew she wanted to incorporate them somehow. --- We hope you love this set as much as we do.. we'd love to hear your comments and feedback.... be sure to check my profile for vote incentives to earn yourself some great bonus images from this set! ”



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