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 North Carolina

check out my new set "black lace and hearts"!!! its fun sexy and sure to make you take a second look ;) be sure to leave some love!!

Very easy going girl, certainly not hard to get along with. I enjoy doing jus about anything besides sitting around. I love being active and trying new things. I'm going to school for diesel mechanics hoping to one day open a performance shop of my own. I eat, sleep and breath anything truck related! Just a Small town country girl out looking for her next rodeo!

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3 Photosets


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My new sets "Bearing my Heart" and "Black Lace and Hearts" are very sexy and will surely make you want to scroll threw them several times ;) I'm very excited about my new work so make sure you vote and leave a comment to tell me what you think!

10 VOTES-bonus pics not included In the set set directly to you
20 VOTES-bonus pics plus a short video personally thanking You for all the love!
30 VOTES-ill send you the bonus photos, the full set, and the bonus video!
40 VOTES OR MORE-all the above and if you send me a message letting me know what kind of extra incentives you would like to recieve, I would be more than happy to give you anything your heart desires! I look forward to all the creative ideas ;)

Thank you so much too all my friends and fans for making me feel so welcome on Zivity!!

Love always <3 Diesel queen

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hey stranger, how's things?


:) how's things?


Been having some rough times lately but I'm getting through it. Hope things are good your way doll?