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  • Posted on 02/28/2013 by Sexy_Maria   
    Hello New Friend!!

  • Posted on 12/19/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Have I been naughty or nice this year? Well why don't you come find out! 10 votes gets all the bonus images and 25 gets you a video. Then you can be the judge ;)


  • Posted on 04/16/2010 by Vira Aire   
    Thank you for being my friend =)

  • Posted on 03/15/2010 by AnnabellLee   
    Hey, thank you so much for adding me :)

  • Posted on 01/22/2010 by Ivy88   
    Yes. that would be great. I have been a pretty good advocate for Zivity. Ha.
    Make sure you print out a Photographer Master Release form (found under FAQ) if you want to do that.
    I'll tell you all about Zivity and stuff as well :) I love it. I'm a photographer on the site as well.

  • Posted on 01/22/2010 by Ivy88   
    Thanks for the vote. I look forward to working with you :)
    If you want to shoot for Zivity while we shoot, I'm okay with that as well

  • Posted on 01/05/2010 by Ivy88   
    Thank you :)

  • Posted on 12/28/2009 by Ivy88   
    I was just surprised with my Yankee contest set going live right away
    Vote if you like and be sure to comment as well :)

  • Posted on 12/22/2009 by Ivy88   
    Thanks so much for the vote! ^_^

Zivity loves you too.