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My name is Courtney Fisher. I am a professional freelance model out of Cleveland, Ohio. Modeling is my passion and I feel it shows in my work. I am easy and fun to work with, and i take my work very seriously!

*I am NO LONGER DOING TFP! Time is money and I don't have very much of either : D

*I'm available to travel if expenses are covered and all arrangements are made.

*My rates are very reasonable, feel free to contact me!

* Paid shoots rates will vary on type of shoot.

When contacting me about a shoot PLEASE let me know the following:
1. Location
2. What type/theme of shoot?
3. Compensation
4. If traveling, will expenses be paid?
5. How long is the shoot?
6. When will I receive all my images?

Due to too many cancellations on the photographers part, I'm requesting that the photographer pays me 20% of my total pay if they so happen to cancel/reschedule. Thank you :)

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Im new to this :) cant wait to start!

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Ready to book a shoot!


Im new to this :) cant wait to start!
Im new to this :) cant wait to start!

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