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re-dying my hair! Finally get it back to being nice and black

I used to be a ballroom dance instructor as well as a horse rider now I spend as much time as i can in front of a camera. I have modeled since the age of 17, but am looking to go more professional now.

People find me a little strange because of my interest in dangerous and exotic animals as well as my weird tastes in photographs and music.

Angles really fascinate me and i have always played with them when taking pictures of myself and others, the proper angle can take a picture from bland and normal, to teasing, erotic, sensual and enticing.

Lighting really is what makes a picture come alive, and sets the mood, interesting lighting changes what emotions one will feel when looking at a picture, and I adore working with photographers who can set a great mood.

I will shoot glamor, however dramatic and edgy are what I look for most and where I thrive. I like images that make people think. Think more timburton and less disney princess.

If you have any suggestions for sets that I should do please feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do about getting one up.

Thank you ever so much for your votes

xXx Claudia xXx

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Thanks for the friendship. Great sets!


Great 1st sets. Looking forward to what you create in the future.



I have a baby sister in Vancouver that I have been meaning to visit with... so you never