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 Vancouver, BC

enjoying the community! Thank you for all the warm welcomes! =D

Born in a small northern British Columbia town, she moved to the big city with aspirations in becoming an actress. After building her acting resume and working on-stage in many productions, she studied at the John Casablancas Institute, and received her Make-Up Artistry Diploma in 2007.
Chevvy began her modelling career in 2009 and has since become an alternative muse to many local and international photographers.
She has also had her photographs featured multiple times in many independent publications, including Retro Lovely Magazine, Rabid Magazine, Build Magazine and many others; as well as being showcased online on multiple websites, including "" and ""

Since 2009, she has been in front of the lens for such famed photographers as:
- Shimona Henry
- Viva Van Story
- Mitzi & Co Photography
- Steve Prue
- Corwin Prescott
- Radiant Inc
... and many, many more.

Currently, she is a freelance model living and working in Vancouver, BC.
If you would like to book with Chevvy while she is in your area, please see the contact page for more information.

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thanks for the add,if you need new sets,I would love to work with you.



Thank you thank you thank you so much for the invite :) I absolutely enjoy the pics :)