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I am creative, opinionated, and energetic
I like to crochet, sing, rollerskate, relax outdoors, bake cookies, and try new things :)



My Hometown

Placerville, CA

Favorite Music

Journey, AFI, Pink Floyd, Chiodos, CAKE

Favorite Films

Office Space, Shrek

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107 Friends


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  • Posted on 10/02/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Would love to see new sets from you! Hope you're doing well :)

  • Posted on 12/24/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy Christmas Eve Darling! :) I probably won't be online again until after Christmas so I wanted to make sure I wished you a merry one now!! :) <3

  • Posted on 09/18/2013 by MissLoLo   
    you're doing well sugar! :) <3

  • Posted on 08/14/2013 by HadaPixie   
    thanks for the add dear

  • Posted on 07/27/2013 by bunnies   
    Hi! I took a brief hiatus, but I'm back! There will be a brand new underwater set coming out in the near future ;)

  • Posted on 06/24/2013 by effettoneve   
    You're welcome ^_^

  • Posted on 06/20/2013 by bunnies   
    My newest underwater set is up! Its called Underwater Reflections :) take a peek if you like floating boobs....

  • Posted on 06/11/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Your new set is two of my favorite things: guns and sexy girls!

  • Posted on 06/09/2013 by bunnies   
    Aww thank you so much gorgeous! :) im blushing lol

  • Posted on 06/07/2013 by bunnies   
    So, my new set will be out on the 9th at midnight! Midnight, how appropriate for "Bond. Bunnies Bond." :)

  • Posted on 06/04/2013 by TylerRexan   
    Love your newest set lady <3

  • Posted on 06/06/2013 by bunnies   
    Why, I am just tickled pink :) thank you <3

  • Posted on 06/01/2013 by bunnies   
    My new weapons set is going up in a couple of days! Keep an eye peeled for "Bond. Bunnies Bond." :)

  • Posted on 05/27/2013 by onirico   
    Hey, cool look!

  • Posted on 06/01/2013 by bunnies   
    Why, thank you very much! :)

  • Posted on 05/21/2013 by bunnies   
    I haven't done a shoot in a while. I miss it :) Hoodoo, let's get back on that!

  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Hope you feel better soon! I was sick for a while too. It's no fun!

  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by bunnies   
    Aww thank you! I have made a full recovery, thank goodness :) I'm back on my feet and ready to get back in front of the camera ;) lol

  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Welcome :) Lucky! I've been sick for over a week now and I'm still sniffly....

  • Posted on 04/26/2013 by bunnies   
    New underwater set coming out soon, take a peek ;) you might just love it!

  • Posted on 04/28/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    I love your underwater set! Was it fun to shoot? It looks like fun except I'm kinda scared of water but I really want to do one someday :)

  • Posted on 04/29/2013 by bunnies   
    It was definitely a blast, and difficult not to blow out too many bubbles and cover my face! Hoodoo gave me tips and was really patient because it was my first time trying to pose my face underwater:) you just need a kind photographer to help you ease into it

  • Posted on 04/29/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Yea definitely! I have no idea how I'd pose my face underwater. I don't even like opening my eyes under water but the photos are always so pretty! haha

  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by bunnies   
    its hard not to get water in your nose when you're doing it, hoodoo advised me to get small noseplugs, which are easily edited out :)

  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Ooh that sounds like a really good idea!! I'll have to try that if I'm ever posing underwater. Thanks! :)

  • Posted on 04/22/2013 by witchartist   
    Thanks for being my friend here! Now I get to look at your work! That will be the most fun I've had all day <3

  • Posted on 04/26/2013 by bunnies   
    Well, i hope you enjoy my sets :) i liked the little message on your profile, you seem kind.

  • Posted on 04/27/2013 by witchartist   
    Thank you sweetheart! You are stunning! I'm very glad we are friends here and I will love supporting your gorgeous work. Have a great weekend. <3

  • Posted on 04/28/2013 by bunnies   
    Thank you very much for your votes ^_^ much appreciated! I am having a wonderful weekend and wish you the same! :)

  • Posted on 04/20/2013 by MissLoLo   
    thanks for accepting my fr! i wanted to tell you that i love your december underground bunnies tat :D :D i have a purple bunny tat on my hand for the band the birthday massacre (; have a great weekend hun XOX

  • Posted on 04/21/2013 by bunnies   
    You're quite welcome, and thank you! Not a lot of people recognize it and its always nice to meet someone who appreciates two really great bands :) my favourite song from them is "the looking glass"

  • Posted on 04/21/2013 by MissLoLo   
    aww im so excited you like tbm too <3 you rock woman! glad i stumbled upon your sexy sets (: xx

  • Posted on 04/26/2013 by bunnies   
    Why thank you! I'll take a peeksee at your sets, i love the little pic though, i love the colours:))

  • Posted on 04/17/2013 by CowboyDavePhotography   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! If you get a chance I have some pretty smoking introductory incentives that will not last long! Either case, nice to meet you!

  • Posted on 04/20/2013 by bunnies   
    nice to meet you as well :)

  • Posted on 04/17/2013 by bunnies   
    It is such a lovely day outside :) time to absorb some Vitamin D!

  • Posted on 04/16/2013 by bunnies   
    thank you so much! We had a lot of fun shooting it :) A picnic at the creek :)

  • Posted on 04/17/2013 by bunnies   
    it was FREEZING! The things I do for pretty pictures ;)

  • Posted on 04/14/2013 by LadySutton   
    Hey sweetie! Thanks for the add!!! You have the most adorable name, ever! :) :)
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend

  • Posted on 04/16/2013 by bunnies   
    You're welcome! I was looking at your sets and they are breathtaking :)

  • Posted on 04/18/2013 by LadySutton   
    You sweet talker, you! m all a-blush ^_^
    Thank you xoxo!

  • Posted on 04/20/2013 by bunnies   

  • Posted on 03/27/2013 by bunnies   
    I picked up a little virus :( gatorade, rest, and soup today

  • Posted on 04/01/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Oh no! :( Feel better soon! I'm all sicky too right now....

  • Posted on 03/21/2013 by bunnies   
    Muchas gracias for the votes, señior! And thank you! We went exploring:)

  • Posted on 03/21/2013 by bunnies   
    A Walk in the Woods made it to editorial picks! I'm tickled pink :D

  • Posted on 03/04/2013 by bunnies   
    Woohoo finally, my new set is published!!
    Check the self-shot folder ;)

  • Posted on 03/14/2013 by sonny13   
    Thanks for the FR. Look forward to checking out your sets !!

  • Posted on 03/14/2013 by bunnies   
    you're quite welcome ;)

  • Posted on 03/14/2013 by bunnies   
    Aww, thank you so much! so sweet:)

  • Posted on 03/04/2013 by hoodoo   
    Self shot yay!

  • Posted on 02/23/2013 by bunnies   
    Just finished getting my new self-shot set posted, look for it in a couple of days :)

  • Posted on 02/16/2013 by bunnies   
    Can't wait to try out some new ideas with Hoodoo.... But first, its straight to the thrift store for some prop shopping!

  • Posted on 01/31/2013 by bunnies   
    Modeling for a new set tomorrow with Hoodoo :) who knew this could be so much fun?

  • Posted on 02/12/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Great job on shadowplay and XOXO! :)

  • Posted on 02/16/2013 by bunnies   
    Thank you so much! She and I had so much fun shooting it, and it was such a beautiful day out :)

  • Posted on 02/16/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Yay! Fun shoots are the best! :)

  • Posted on 02/10/2013 by CruelValentine   
    Thanks so much for the add! I love your sets so far, and I can't wait to see more!

    Welcome aboard!

  • Posted on 02/10/2013 by bunnies   
    Why, thank you :) I particularly love your set in all blue

  • Posted on 02/13/2013 by CruelValentine   
    Thanks so much, lovely! <3

  • Posted on 01/13/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Love your debut set! :) Welcome to Zivity!

  • Posted on 01/14/2013 by bunnies   
    Thank you, ma'am! Your profile pic is so cute :)

  • Posted on 01/14/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Awww thank you!! :)

  • Posted on 01/10/2013 by hoodoo   
    love you beautiful girl!

  • Posted on 01/10/2013 by bunnies   
    love you too :)

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