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Welcome to Blind 7 Photography and design studio, home of world renowned conceptual and Dark Glamour portrait artist Abe Robinson, and a 3000 square foot loft style studio in downtown Cleveland.

Blind 7 Photography offers services including but not limited to conceptual portraiture, fine art creation, commercial and editorial photography, live events including concert, wedding and public/private events and private or group instruction.

Blind 7 Photography takes great pride in treating each client as a person not just a number. There is no assembly line portrait studio here, each shoot is a carefully planned creative work of art you will be proud to print, publish, or hang in your home.

With 16 years in the business Blind 7 also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including photo-walks, workshops and private or group instruction.

B7P also has studio space for rent and can be a great tool for traveling artists. The space can be rented in ½ day or full day increments. Take a look at our Studio rental section for rental information

We have a comfortable atmosphere and an open mind; you won’t be
able to find a studio with more versatility.
With a combined 16 years experience in the industry and
limitless imagination, Blind 7 Photography can accommodate you

Now open Monday – Saturday 12:00pm – 9:00pm

Call 440-342-6674 to set up your consultation now
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