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 Congleton, Cheshire, UK

Excited to shoot for zivity today with the very talented mephotography ; I have some super ideas up my sleeve x

Hi, my name is Bex, although, those that know me, call me “Sexy Bexy” – you’ll find out why soon enough.

I'm a fun, friendly, down-to-Earth girl, with a passion for getting naked in front of the camera. It’s my escape from life’s stresses, and when I feel at my sexiest.
I'm also a dance teacher and aerialist (hoops, silks and the pole), so that helps me get into some unique and interesting poses, which I'm sure I will be sharing with you frequently. But being VERY flexible also helps in some other, more interesting aspects of my life (and I shall leave thought in your dirty little minds).

The main thing you need to know about me is this; I LOVE to get naked. I visit nudist beaches as often as possible, and I've been an exotic dancer in the recent past. So being naked just seems normal to me, probably more so than being clothed. In fact, I spend so much time walking around my own house in the nude, that it has become second nature. So much so that I have often forgotten to put something on when someone has rung the doorbell - which has made the postman leave with a huge smile on more than one occasion. I would say that makes me very comfortable in my own skin and it’s what makes me (hopefully) a good model – but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I've joined this site to make friends and meet more models and photographers with the same interests. I wish I had discovered it sooner. It’s my kind of place.

So, if you like my look please feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you.

And please do befriend me - I don’t bite (unless you ask nicely).

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47 Photosets

47 Photosets


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Hi there fans and friends. Here are my incentives, also I love presents, the excitement of a package in the post gets me all flustered and Horney lol so anyone to send me a gift of my wish list received a little thank-you video:
Or if you just want to treat me for my Birthday then it’s the 18th July of course you will still be rewarded with many treats back from me.
On ALL sets (all incentives in High resolution):
5 votes = the Zivity set
10 votes = the Zivity set + HALF the unpublished extras
15 votes = the Zivity set + ALL the unpublished extras
30 votes = everything + a short thank you video
60 votes = everything + a sexy striptease video.
NB/ The strip tease video may vary from the set if it was impossible to shoot at the same time. But when that happens, it will be extra special to compensate ;)
Sneak peeks:
Flour Dancer
Windy Exposure
Judgement of Paris – Aphrodite
Undressing memories
Cheeky in Red
Shae – what lies beneath
60 votes on “Aqua Aerobics” and 60 votes on RuthieJos “How do you eat yours” gets you a very sexy doubles video of bexy showing you how she eats those pineapple panties.
Domestic Workout:
30 votes on this set AND another 30 votes on RuthieJo’s “Milk & Honey” set gets you a messy g/g strip with us both.
I Approve This Message:
10 votes’ gets you a special thanks message to you spelled out in my naked body ;)
Single Pringle:
15 votes gets and ADDITIONAL personalised sexy e-card, signed by me xxx
Saucy Sunday Selfie’s, Domestic Workout and Aqua aerobics
20 votes get a personalised thank you video to celebrate my selfie sets (usually 30 votes)
Flour Dancer
40 votes gets a fun sexy strip tease video of me cleaning up all that flour mess
Now, I am a little forgetful at times, and I do run my own very busy aerial school that keeps me away from the computer for long periods at a time. So if I forget to ask you for your details to send out an incentives package, remember to kick my ass into gear to get it done.
Love always
Bex xxx

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That is awesome! ! Hopefully I can get up there with you sometime I just got on Zivity! Wish me luck!!!


That is awesome! ! Hopefully I can get up there with you sometime I just got on Zivity! Wish me luck!!!