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 Portland, ME

Traveling to San Francisco, Oakland, and LA Feb 24th-March 30th 2015.. Looking to collaborate with photographers and make some new art!

Infused with a love for the funk at a young age, Aquarius Funkk has made it her mission to conquer any dancefloor that crosses her path.

After discovering the vast world that is electronic music, Aquarius quickly found and filled a niche in the cozy little city of Portland, ME. The thick, driving beats and rich bass frequencies made a second home for her, and solidified her calling as a creature of the night. Her energy was infectious. Those infected became her family. Unstoppable and insatiable, the Portland EDM scene welcomed her with open arms.

Since her fireball entrance, kicking and screaming and flailing like a newborn child, she has come into her own. From a overexcited newbie to a reserved force, her ear is constantly being trained, and she seeks new challenge on the daily. Dance is more than a verb. It is her currency. Relentless, untiring, she fights the fight in the name of bass, beats, and the proper mix of old skool and new skool. Quality over quantity. Respect.

A self proclaimed afro-punk street glam raver goddess, in her conquests she has acquired nicknames such as Apples, Raver Flav, Darth Raver, the Punk Rock Whitney Houston, and the Dancefloor Diva.

Aquarius Funkk is dedicated to showcasing her distinctive vision as an everyday way of life. Movement and volume play a major role in her designs, as well as creating pieces with a life of their own. When describing the aesthetic of her work, a variety of descriptive phrases manifest: Disheveled elegance, street glam, intense texture and color, structured decay, nu-world opulence. With a highly visual, hands-on approach, she often uses repurposed articles in her work, whether it be an existing piece of clothing, an accessory that needs new life, found objects, or everyday household pieces. A retro girl at heart, you'll often see her utilizing vintage prints, re-imagining them in unique, non-traditional silhouettes. As a performance artist, dancer, model, and nightlife personality, re-invention is key to keeping current and on top of the game. Aquarius designs for those who are bold and confident... those with a strong desire to be seen... those who, like her, live in a world of passion, rhythm, and decadence.

Her existence is ruled by this code: Embody what you feel. Recognize the patterns. Fuck the trends. Retrace your path. Open your ears. Take it a step further. Translate your anger. Stir up what's on the bottom. Eat it up. Spit it out. Craft an empire. Keep your consciousness. Walk on, warrior.

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Hey! thanks for the fr... hope you're having a great weekend!


Thanks for the fr!


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