in From Forests Unknown (21 photos)

by Corwin Prescott


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“So in most major cities your best shot at skinny dipping is a freaking fountain in public. Philly is the best city in the world because still within city limits every summer we take to heading out into the wild, and swimming around deep in the woods where practically nobody ever ventures. Alysha disappeared with amy and I this time and she saw around naked in the freezing cold water while i took pictures. This is what city life should be like. This is what every summer day should be like.”

Corwin Prescott


11:11 Make A Wish

featuring alyshaaa



featuring alyshaaa


Its Called a Shako, Damnit

featuring alyshaaa


Gifted Holiday Set

featuring alyshaaa


Ebony and Ivory

featuring brookeva


Black Magick Woman

featuring violetvixsin

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