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Lollypops & Panties!! 20 votes = 64 photos ; girl/girl incentives now available!!

My name is Vodianova and I'm an amateur model looking to expand my experience in the field of modeling. I live in Chisinau but I was born in Vladivostok, Russia. I'm a natural brunette with brown eyes so nothing really exceptional there but my friends encourage me to model so I thought I'd give it a shot :) Besides modeling I enjoy being around children as my real job is teaching English but I also enjoy dancing, going out with friends, traveling, being in the sun at the beach and vacationing in Cyprus at least once a year! Hope you enjoy my profile and feel free to comment <3

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2 Photosets


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My first set was published, you can check out a little Soviet Seduction here:
For 1 vote I will email your fave photo.
For 5 votes votes I will send all the 30 photos + 23 outtakes & 6 pix of me together with Razorcandi “disciplining” me ;)
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My Second set Lollypops & Panties:
-20 votes = 40 solo outtakes plus published set
-40 votes = 26 extra steaming hot girl/girl photos with RazorCandi!
-60 votes = all 64 solo photos & 26 girl/girl photos with RazorCandi! OR Special offer : vote 50 on my set and 50 on her set and get all solo photos and girl/girl outtakes now and save 20 votes! You MUST vote on BOTH sets for this offer to apply!!! This special runs only until prize ends.

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Thank you for accepting my FR


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