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 Glendale, AZ

booking for May. Rates are very, very fair. Let me know if you are interested.

I have two tattoos.
A pin up and a fish on my left arm.
If need-be, I do not mind covering them up.
I am blind and should wear glasses, but life wouldn't be as much fun if I couldn't scare the pants off my friends when I drive at night. :P
I have stretched/peirced ears.
- A 0 gauge in my two lobes,
-16 in the second hole left side,
I love having painted nails. Hate painting them.
I have my septum pierced-14 gauge.
Libret pierced-16 gauge.
Working on getting nips pierced soon.

Drawing my favorite models. Watching Star Trek. (And yes, I would consider myself a Trekkie.) I love taking care of my 5 bearded dragons, Nile monitor, frilled dragon, rat, and cat an tarantula. Painting. Driving my '71 VW bug just for the thrill of driving a really big go cart. Making people smile. Playing video games. Modeling. More Star Trek and cooking.

I am currently looking for designers, photographers, MUAH, ect. to work with in this area. I live in N. Glendale, but travel is no issue for me.

I am currently doing minimal TF. We all have our means of making the dough. This is a big part of my income so, I take it very seriously. However, some TF will be taken into consideration. So please, don't be afraid to ask if you have a really cool idea you think I have "the look" for.

I am really easy to work with and can do all my own make up and hair. (I mean that I can actually do my own make up. Not just throw eyeliner and lipstick on and call it done. lol Hair I am ok with. Curls hate me though. Just a fore warning)

I do have a few ideas of my own so don't be afraid to ask if you want to work with me, but not sure exactly what to do.

Naysayers gonna naysay!!!!!

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