Violet Blue

San Francisco, CA

Violet Blue is a blogger, high-profile tech personality, award-winning and best-selling author, podcaster, long-running web TV show GETV reporter, technology futurist, and sex-positive pundit in mainstream media (such as CNN and The Tyra Banks Show). Violet is the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle with a weekly column titled Open Source Sex, and has a podcast of the same name that frequents iTunes’ top ten. Blue is also a 12-year SRL vet and robotic artist since 1996, and a Forbes Web Celeb. With a sex ed and media career spanning a decade, she writes about sexuality for media outlets such as Forbes, O: The Oprah Magazine and UN sponsored international health organization, RH Reality Check — while being a best-selling, award-winning author/editor of over two dozen books with many translations.

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Welcome to Zivity!!!
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