in The End of A Long Winter (14 photos)

by Corwin Prescott


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“After two months of cold I couldn't take it anymore. I left Philadelphia early January. It was -2 degrees and I was heading south to Atlanta then to Miami then to Dallas. I got to Texas after an intense 16 hour drive. My body hurt, and I just couldn't wait to be out of the car. The passing road had worn me out, but no more than sleeping in the front seat. The next day was a breath of fresh air. Vera_Rae and I headed into the woods for what would be a fantastic shoot. Dallas was chilly but still nearly 50 degrees warmer than home had been, and Vera was a fantastic model. Gorgeous tattoos, hair, and a fantastic sense for how to move in the light, we only could shoot for a short time in what to her was the Texas winter, but in that short time we got plenty of great photos.”

Corwin Prescott


Out of the Dark

featuring Vera_rae


By the River

featuring Vera_rae


Dark Light Shine

featuring Juliawerecat


Grotesque & Arabesque

featuring KathTea


A pastel sofa

featuring Grey_Fawn


Tesla's Wingback

featuring TeslaTease