Chocolate Hazelnut Tea, Poetry, Pearls, and Me

by V7Stick featuring V7Stick

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V7Stick says: “I geek out when I get gifts from fans. Usually I will send a photo set of me wearing said gifts. The lovely fan that sent me these gifts was very happy with this set and I am too. I'd like to thank that person for being happy with my decision to publish said photos. I want to say a big thank you again to that fan for this adorable Curly Bob in Blonde from Gothic Lolita Wigs (I wear it all the time!) and a set of white lace gloves. (Also, a thank you to the sweetness behind GLW for sending the tea. I loved it.) <3 If you would like a personal photo set from me, check out some of my wish lists on my website: Also; (BONUS!!!) Anyone who votes 5 or more times on this set will receive a bonus photo (My tribute to Marilyn Monroe).”

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    This set is cute, playful, and sexy, all rolled up into one gorgeous Stick package.