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in Arkham Asylum: Harley's Escape (25 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“As someone who actually writes a comic book, I was very excited when I saw the superhero contest. Trix was apparently very excited too. She immediately approached me about doing a set as Harley Quinn. But she had a twist to it. She wanted to be Harley from the Arkham Asylum video game. The game has a whole theme about Harley changing her costume as the inmates take over the Asylum and she loves the new outfit. So this meant a couple things. One we had to assemble BOTH costumes in their entirity. Two, we needed to actually find an asylum to lock her up in. Once we managed both of those things, every thing else fell into place.”



Christmas "Tricks"

featuring Trix


Movie Night

featuring Trix


P.S. Zivity, I <3 You

featuring Trix


Please don't try this at home...

featuring Trix


Lunar Landscape

featuring IDiivil



featuring NinaKate