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in Bloom Cigar Co. (25 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“When Trix and I saw there was a a cigar contest we thought, well, what says cigar besides just cigars? How about a humidor? So I made some calls and I found the Bloom Cigar Company, The cigar club with the BIGGEST humidor in the state of Pennsylvania. I called the owner and he was quite excited about the concept of us shooting there. The rest was history. Of special note, please pay attention to the bras hanging from the ceiling in the humidor. If you're a hot chick and you are willing to give up your bra you're welcome to any cigar in the place. Good to know, huh?”



Christmas "Tricks"

featuring Trix


Movie Night

featuring Trix


P.S. Zivity, I <3 You

featuring Trix


Please don't try this at home...

featuring Trix


Restless Soul Flickering In Light

featuring Hemlock


A Little at A Time

featuring GiaMeow