in 1 Part Bacardi 151, 1 Part Jagermeister, 1 Part Rumple Minze (43 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“Funny story for this set. I was shooting a male model who was traveling through from DC. He asked me if I knew any female models that I could ask to come in because he also works as a hairdresser and he needed some port stuff for that. Naturally I called Trix. We thought it'd be funny to do kind of a morning after, walk of shame kind of shoot, but we wanted to both have a joke in it, and have it mixed up a bit to make it clear the girl was in control. That's where we came up with leaving the money behind. Kind of a reverse "thanks for a good, time babe, I'll call you later, maybe." Trix and I were afraid that the male model (who is quite gay) wouldn't go for it, but he thought it was hilarious and immediately offered to also invite his boyfriend to be a second guy in the bed. What came about was one of the funniest things I've ever shot.”



Christmas "Tricks"

featuring Trix


Movie Night

featuring Trix


P.S. Zivity, I <3 You

featuring Trix


Please don't try this at home...

featuring Trix


Heaven, Earth, Hell!

featuring Carmen_9


Through Yonder Window

featuring Sirbrina