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in Embrace the Shadows (49 photos)

by firedawg225


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“Lounging around the house trailer found this sweater in her draw and took it out. Remember how much she loved it we decided to do a shoot. Looking though a bunch of photos she was like "Can we do a shoot that looks like this!" With pleasure I said that's easy. After some trial and error we were off. Shooting began and what you see is the final shots of the session. I must say as the shoot went one things just got better and better. My favorite shoots seem to be a few in the middle and the half shots towards the end. It wa a blast working with trailer such ease went into the shoot. enjoy what we came up with”



The Last House on the Right

featuring Trailer


A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

featuring Trailer


Nature Woman

featuring Trailer


If It Runs Like A Deere

featuring Trailer


Dont Ever Sleep

featuring deannadeadly


Birthday suit.

featuring shyann