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New set soon!!! But please support my dirty set !! i have great outakes and incentives for 20 votes :D!

Hi dear friends
q and newcomers come to the page, I describe a little thought
I would describe myself as:
- Dreamer
- Sometimes a little evil (6)
- Fun (or so I: $)
- I like to dance, drink beer, marijuana and good food =)
- I have my hair 4 years ago with dreadlocks: P
- Vaga
- Super positive
- Shy (a lie that I like: P)
- Independent and dependent on the people I love
- I like a headache, how can I say? pensive ... I do not know, I think I understand
- I like to dye my hair colored
- Rare in general ... jejejejeje xD just kidding, I'm more special than the rest jejejejee
- Good friend (I think, that's what you decide tieness: S)
- Retail
- Original, or so attempt
- Adventuress (not bad .... think adventuress of life, is to make the most !!!!) qu
- Madura (I q ripen earlier than I wanted ...frown)
- And finally I leave there .... tell you xDDD jejejeje

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New set soon!!!

But please support my dirty set !! i have great outakes and incentives for 20 votes :D!

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Sorry to hear.


So sad. Rest with the angels dear...:-(


Maybe you will never see this, but i really want to thank you for let me be part of your life, i love you i really do and i will miss you like i always do.
I hope you have a very great trip and you became my new favourite angel tila <3. ALWAYS IN MY HEART MY ANGEL!