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in Celebrating Josephine Baker (45 photos)

by Lionspride


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“Tia came to me posing a challenge on how to represent a beautiful icon to participate in a Zivity contest. After doing some research and learning more about this beautiful woman, this is what we were able to do. Tia wanted to capture the essence of this incredible woman and put her own little touches to it while still representing the beauty and sexiness that Josephine Baker displayed through her creativity in front of the camera. I think Tia really brought the fire and passion in this set and she looks absolutely stunning! What do you think?”



Breakfast is served

featuring TiaW


Innocent Angel

featuring TiaW


Asian Classic Pool Shark

featuring TiaW


Tia's Teddy

featuring TiaW


Beanie Time!

featuring Kristy8787


Harmony In Autumn

featuring LaceLeBlanc