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 Santa Cruz, California

2015 Tawdry Galore calendar is ready!

5 feet 10 inches (177.80cm)
123 lbs (55.79kg)

Natural born exhibitionist. I got kicked out of high school when I flashed 1/2 the student body. I guess I would have flashed the other 1/2 too! ;)

I joined Zivity May 2014. This is my first time doing this kind of modeling. I had no idea that there was such a cool place to express creative, artistic, erotic art. I love it! A good friend of mine is a photographer on here, Daev, he and I laugh our butts off when we work together.I am stoked to find a place to share my creativity with out modesty restrictions!

I have performing belly dance since I was 11, I have been a belly dance teacher for over 20 years; directed many troupes and have done performances all over. I love being creative in my choreographies, as in life! Good to keep the audience guessing "what's next?!"

I have loved to play dress up my whole life. I met my 1st drag queen when I was 11 and I said to myself "If a full grown man can play dress up, then I will never stop!"

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A Ginger Beer Shower:
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Snow White & The 7 Gnomes:
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