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going to be uploading some new pics very soon, keep ur eye out

I love having fun with my friends and getting wild with the girls. I have a thing for Bridges, Trains, and Cranes. I love how the green mixes with the industry in this beautiful city. I love taking pictures, and going for long bicycle rides, camping, and surfing. I am currently training for my very first triathlon. I love to do anything active. I play Frisbee golf every chance I get and when it’s warm I love going to the nudie river spot. I’m not a jock but I am always down to do any kind of sport, and I like to think I bring the fun to everything I do. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time at the gym. I have an obsession with being healthy and strong. I'm into going to Metal and punk shows. 80's hair bands are my guilty pleasure, so is bad T.V. like Veronica Mars, and Charmed. I just love Charmed ever so much and wish I could do magic. I love to paint, and make videos. I love home improvement projects, and listening to records. There is music on with everything I do. In the shower on bike rides it is always on. I guess I'm into just about anything. I'm always down for having fun and being spontaneous. Oh and I think Howard Stern is god.

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all of the above I a geek who read a whole lot

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i just sent friend request with photoshoot inquiry...