Lost in the Woods

by arealitystudios featuring Spaci

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arealitystudios says: “Spaci and I went out on a very wet and very cold Oregon afternoon and got lost in the woods for a little while. Fun was had by all!”

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  • Photogenius-80x80

    like something from a dream

  • 2844038

    One vote for freezing your ass off and one cuz this set is just so purdy!

  • 1063753

    I feel like I need a walk in the woods. Couldn't be this lucky though.

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    This set is seriously gorgeous!

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    amazing set

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    lovely lovely set.

  • 1392

    WONDERFUL...I used to live in Oregon myself. I love the woods there with all the moss and all. ALSO...love the waterfall shots. Kudos...You both nailed these shots!

  • Kittywood-80x80

    this set is just so beautiful! The lighting and your skin are wonderful, like some sort of amazing forest nypmh

    Kitty Wood