Evil that rose

by MDP featuring Shebari

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MDP says: “Shebari was innocently walking along (because, ya know, she is all innocence!), when she found a pretty black rose in an abandoned building. Little did she know, that with one little touch, it would unleash her dark side (because, ya know, she needs help with that!). The rose had bite, and that bite released the devil inside. . . . . ”

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  • New_model

    I love this set...one of your best of MANY BESTS!!! I love the shot of you sticking your tongue out! Cool! You are so pretty honey!

  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    A sexy she-devil in a little black dress. An amazing set from the always stunning, sexy and downright gorgeous Shebari. Fantastic work guys.

  • Tullibardine-80x80

    Very fun...and cautionary! Never pick roses in rubbish tips...hope you got the blacking off!

    Through A Glass Photo