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in Eros (27 photos)

by Shakikai


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“This set was created at the dawn or starting own style or raw/erotic/real/sensual/emotive photography. As I often do, I tend to use myself as guinea pig in what kind of style or look or feel I am looking for. These were taken on a very emotional day, right after a shower, hair still wet, just me, my bedroom and my lights. These shots are completely uncropped, unedited and completely the most imperfect me. To show the beauty of womanhood isn't just about a pretty face, or a rockin body, but the womb, the life, the fear, the pain, the aggression of pure emotion in being a woman. And this is what I wanted to portray in this set. Hope you enjoy the first self shot set of this year published. :)”



Bed of Roses

featuring Shakikai


Lose the Wig

featuring Shakikai


Devil in the Details

featuring Shakikai


Wet n Wild

featuring Shakikai


Naughty Bookworm

featuring Vivling



featuring Plush