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in Dressing for Her Man (39 photos)

by HeadlessBill


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“She had been looking forward to this night in and cuddling with her man. Deciding to make it special, she laid out her matching set of lingerie to wear before her bath. When she started to dress, he tried to come in and see what she was doing, but she quickly shooed him away. Slipping off her robe and slipping on her lacy under garments made her feel special and sexy. When she finished dressing, she let her man back into the room, picked him up, gave him a hug and then carried him to the couch for some cuddling while watching a couple of romantic movies. The perfect night in.”



And the Tree Was Happy.

featuring SatoriSage


Here Comes the Night Time

featuring RatQueen



featuring NinaKate


Endless Night at Neo

featuring deannadeadly


Movin' On

featuring ZephyrNouveau


Backyard Black & White

featuring ShiloSuicide