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in When Did Velma Get So Hot? (40 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“Sarah and I wanted to take the PJs contest very seriously. The idea was what's it like for her to actually wake up in the morning? The concept was very simple. I drove out to her house and spent the night. Then we waited for her to wake up and we shot her actual morning routine on her day off. Basically this meant she woke up, made some coffee and sat on her couch watching cartoons and eating cereal. The coolest part of this is that we got to discover the new Scooby Doo cartoon on Cartoon Network, They've transplanted the Scooby Gang to modern times where they experience modern issues and are portrayed as modern teenagers, complete with a smarter modern plotline and lots of sexual undertones, including a relationship between Shaggy and Velma who are now dating. It was so fun hanging out and watching this that we almost forgot there was a shoot going on.”



Lightbox Dancing

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