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in Scarlet Begonias (24 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“This was just amazingly fun. I've done so much dark and griml photosets lately that I forgot how great it can be to do something bright and colorful. When the Song contest came up, Sarah knew she wanted to do something fun and playful with it and something different than anyone else was going to have. After going through tons of MP3s and lyric sheets, we settled on Scarlet Begonias by the Grateful Dead. The hard part was finding a begonia to use, but once we did, everything else was gravy. I'm glad we shot this in November as well. The changing leaves in the woods gave us the perfect amount of color to make the hippie appeal of the set really come to life.”



Lightbox Dancing

featuring SarahPrankha


Santa Baby

featuring SarahPrankha


Locker Room

featuring SarahPrankha



featuring SarahPrankha


The Music Room

featuring cherrycore


Doll house

featuring GennaBee