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“This time me and Sara wanted to put a bit more focus on video... unfortunately, we didn't have time late in the evening, so we had to find a spot that wasn't to busy, at 8 in the evening. judging from the amount of cyclists, we failed miserably in that aspect. long story short, we had to schoot between the cyclists, ... and got cought 1 or 2 or 17 times. sadly, we had to stop and get out of there after a while, beacouse some creep kept coming back to over and over. luckily, we did manage to get some decent pictures, and enough footage to work with :) as a bit of an experiment, i put 12 schreengrabs at the end of the set. (schreen grabs are from the unedited 4K file, the final video is in HD) we also temporarily offer a small teaser clip, and 2 high res pictures for 10 votes. more high res pictures + 10 extra high res pictures, and a full clip are also avelible. contact us if you are interested.”



Pines in Peril

featuring Sara_Scarlet


Cool Sands

featuring Sara_Scarlet


Freyja Wanders

featuring Sara_Scarlet


Cold Summer Beach

featuring Sara_Scarlet


Open mouth Whispers!

featuring Madison_Rexx


Lounging in Lingerie

featuring KatieGreen

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