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in ...the saw is family. (26 photos)

by DirtCandy


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“Sabbath and I decided we wanted to do something iconic for Bloodbrick's, "Weapons of Destruction" contest. We really put some thought into it and decided that Thomas Hewitt, aka Leatherface, would be the perfect character, since he rocks that badass chainsaw! So, we made a delightfully messy apron, hiked out into the country with a chainsaw, and got down to business. If you like the set and want to see the second half of it that we shot at a slaughterhouse (illegally), then just put 20 votes on the set and send me over your email! It's pretty darn sexy! ;)”



"Dead leaves and the dirty ground when I know you're not around."

featuring Sabbath


Old Coal Towns (West Virginia)

featuring Sabbath


Coming Clean

featuring Sabbath


Anchors Away

featuring Sabbath


La Bacchante

featuring VelourSuicide


Circa 69

featuring Zzy