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Excited about the NEW photo set we posted! show us some love ! :-D HUGS & Thank you :-)

I am a Professional Print/ Fashion/ lingerie/ Swimsuit/Commercial/Editorial... Model (check out my portfolio)... MUA ...Actress... I love to: Wake board, water ski, Shoot 22's with my brother who served 2 deployments in the Army.
I am an addict of martial arts & nunchucks. Love spending time with my fam, drawing, I can create just about anything with anything, I'm good at fixing stuff, I love Puppy's !!! especially Jack Russel Terriers... ( I love you Mazie !) , I enjoy long walk's on the shores of lake Michigan ...cuz that all we got ! ;-) blah blah blah ...cut to the important stuff like how much I love PS 2. Xbox can kiss my arse, so can that fancy Wii :-) Keeping it old school ! LOVE movies and Brit coms . I am married to Elvis (in my mind)...I may have to go get that checked. Did I mention I love Elvis ? I love Elvis. So that's about it, other than personal stuff that you don't need to know like: Sometimes I pee a when I laugh...jjkg...gee's... (Stop being nosy!)
Thank's for reading hope you didn't fall asleep.
May the force be with you.
Xxo, Ruthy.

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New set posted when site was down for construction. If you like it please vote :-) Thanks bunches! Xxox R.

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Love the new set...slight RHPS vibe :)


Have a beautiful day! Surrrrrusly, you better have a good day or else!...Or else u won't have a good day, and then you will have failed me. You don't want to fail me do you???...No pressure though...


Thank you for accepting my friend request! I hope you had a great weekend!