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About Me

I am Rocket. Model, performance artist, stripper (and proud of it) and writer. I am naked a lot in Portland Oregon where I also drink ridiculous amounts of coffee and ride my bicycle in the rain.



Pornland Oregon

My Hometown

Dallas, Texas

My Superpower

obsessive-compulsive disorder

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tattooed, alt, weird

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Posted on 07/14/2010 by RocketIsRad   
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Find me elsewhere:

  • Posted on 12/21/2012 by Sexy_Maria   
    Hey sweetie please check out my new set "Swarovski" and tell me what ya think! If you like it vote please! <3 xxoo Have a lovely Christmas!!!


    Ps. You're Awesome!!

    What would you guess my ethnicity is?

  • Posted on 10/19/2011 by Vera Baby   

    Great news! I have a brand new set!

    I'm very excited to share my newest set: "Veras Magic Boots"
    Come on a journey with me and my Magical boots! :P Helps that it's a naked journey too! hahaha

    Would mean so much to me to hear your opinion and see votes if you are able. Here is the link:


  • Posted on 06/07/2011 by Shakikai   
    Bicycling in the rain.. that is sexxxy. :)

  • Posted on 02/24/2011 by SabrinaSin   
    I think you're lovely -xoxo

  • Posted on 01/11/2011 by AaliyahLove   
    I have a smoking hot new set just released, please check it out I think it is one of my best sets yet -

  • Posted on 01/02/2011 by tmronin   
    hi! i may be in LA at the end of jan...

  • Posted on 12/30/2010 by adrian_louise   
    hello new friend! cheers! =]

  • Posted on 12/29/2010 by Mjadams   
    hi sweetie thank for accept my friend request ;) hope that u're ok!... your sets are amazing, pleace check out my work

    happy holidays!!!

  • Posted on 12/27/2010 by onirico   
    Rocket! i must to say that I LOVE your work, you're awesome! I have a new photo set published and i made a film from that photo set session , please check it out!

  • Posted on 10/27/2010 by tanguero   
    i just sent you a freind request with photoshoot inquiry...

  • Posted on 10/23/2010 by artfulpornographer   
    Your new set is lovely - purple is my favorite color! Can I have your notes or votes for PERV FTW

  • Posted on 10/13/2010 by Fedora   
    yo yo yo I dress up like mummy!

  • Posted on 05/05/2010 by arealitystudios   
    lovely new set!

  • Posted on 04/08/2010 by Spaci   
    Love your profile picture. It is incredibly radtastical.

  • Posted on 02/25/2010 by themorty   
    Sweet! Rocket is rad!

  • Posted on 02/25/2010 by arealitystudios   
    The new set is wonderful!

  • Posted on 02/25/2010 by AlySin   
    your new set is so pretty <3

  • Posted on 01/24/2010 by AnnabellLee   
    Hey, and thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  • Posted on 01/04/2010 by Spaci   
    I love your space rocket set its fucking rad

  • Posted on 12/30/2009 by studio206   
    hello hello ^_^ how's it going?

  • Posted on 12/27/2009 by RonnieWerner   
    Rocket is one of my all time favorite models!

  • Posted on 12/21/2009 by Shurie   
    sweet. You can see some of my latest zivity work sneak previews here.

  • Posted on 12/20/2009 by Shurie   
    come to LA

  • Posted on 12/20/2009 by Spyder   
    Beautiful new set. Love your blue hair!

  • Posted on 12/20/2009 by Shredder66   
    love your new set! congrats

  • Posted on 12/18/2009 by themorty   
    No, you're awesome Miss Rocket! DVD and CD in the works!

  • Posted on 12/12/2009 by Fedora   
    If I had any votes, I would vote the shit out of you.

  • Posted on 12/11/2009 by Pirate Photography   
    Thanks for the vote lovely :) Jess is a beauty indeed!

  • Posted on 12/05/2009 by AlySin   
    Thank you so much for your kind words and vote on my recent set<3 PS: your show at the DN event was spectacular

  • Posted on 12/01/2009 by JaneJett   
    <3 hi love

  • Posted on 10/19/2009 by TameBabyParrots   
    Thanks for accepting the friend request :) Did you see the underwater sets? They're my favorite photos I've ever taken. AND I'm shooting more with Mel Vega soon!

  • Posted on 10/13/2009 by sally   
    too gorgeous!!

  • Posted on 10/09/2009 by AlySin   
    Thanks for the friendship. I love your sets on here!

  • Posted on 08/23/2009 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    I adore the new black and white set.

  • Posted on 08/23/2009 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    I adore the new black and white set.

  • Posted on 08/22/2009 by Dwam   
    you're damn gorgeous lady !

  • Posted on 08/22/2009 by samguss   
    love your new set!!

  • Posted on 06/27/2009 by Vicci Vice   
    thanks for the vote!

Zivity loves you too.