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 Horseheads, NY

appearing out of nowhere <3

I'm a full-time, petite, multi-genre model with tattoos and piercings.

My dermal is gone =[

If you could mix a hippy, a beatnik, a fashionista and the girl-next-door into one person... that'd be me. I'm super short, using it to my advantage, photographers love to fit me into small spaces. Total wino since I live really close to the Finger Lakes Wine trail. I love yoga, and play more video games than any woman should. Example: The first game that I beat all the way through was Zelda Ocarina of Time for the 64. Before that I mostly played arcade-type games like pac-man, mortal kombat, tetris...ect. Pretty much anything Super nintendo, n64 and playstation 2 was my thing. I ended up really getting into PC games and after all of the warcraft 3, starcraft, half-life, earth and beyond, and everquest... I ended up becoming a WoW junkie. Yeah... I'm not too proud to admit it =P I dabbled in City of Heroes and League of Legends for a while had my fun with a Playstation 3 (God of War series, both Little Big Planets, Heavy Rain...) but now I'm mostly just an Xbox chick. Skyrim, Naughty Bear, Portal, CoD, Halo, Bioshock...

I used to book live music shows for charity organizations. We called ourselves Anthem of the Arts, which was created and ran by myself and a highschool friend. Together we raised thousands of dollars to support music in public schools and the American Red Cross. I ended up becoming the booking manager at a local coffee shop where I was in charge of all of the live entertainment such as Open Mic Nights, Battle of the Bands, Friday night acoustics and Saturday night metal. It was fun for a while until the owners spent more money than I could bring in and the business went under and that was pretty much the end of my event planning and hosting career.

I love geeking out.. it's kindof my forte. =] My family thinks I should have went to school for computers, I prefer taking my clothes off. Sorry pop. =P

References available.
I've been freelancing since 2006 and now I'm traveling around working with the greatest people... professionals and hobbyists alike!
Send me a message to book a shoot with me.

Personally, I'm a 420 friendly chick who's all about organic, all natural, healthy stuff. ^_^ I love shooting lingerie and nudes with a sensual, artistic mood. You can find me with my animals, at a book store, a coffee shop... anywhere where the artist in me will thrive.

I love meeting new people and connecting with artists =]

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7.8.14 - UPDATES

Two New Sets on their way! The photographers hold the incentives for them, however I do have copies of each set!
-Rhoma in Black and White is a playful outdoor nude
-Dancing in the White Room is a fun movement style set done in white.

As some of you know I'm taking donations for a new camera (This means new self sets from me!) for model training purposes.
I have included incentives for those who donate! I appreciate every donation to help me towards getting this new equipment:
The MAXIMUM goal is $2,000 however if I am able to find the camera and equipment that I need with the donations I have before I reach $2,000 then I will purchase that, and end the funding project.

$50 Donations from Photographers = 1/2 hour modeling session credit
$100 Donations from Photographers = 2 hour local modeling session credit **
$50 Donations from Zivity Fans = Any 2 Sets and all their bonus images if applicable
$50 Donations from Fans = A signed print of any 2 images.
$50 Donations from Aspiring Models = 2 hour training session with 5 finished images 1st trainee gets MUA paid for!**
$100 Donations from Aspiring Models = 4 hour training session with 20 finished images, 1st Trainee gets MUA paid for!! **
$50 Donations from Fans = 2 hour photosession of your choice with 15 finished images**
$75 Donations from Fans = 3 hour photosession of your choice with 25 finished images**
$100 Donations from Fans = 4 hour photosession of your choice with 30 finished images + cd of all the images**

**-Must be local or willing to travel within an hour outside of Waverly, NY
Donations accepted here:

If you've voted and have no received your incentives, please send me a message and I'll send them out to you!

Snow White:
10 votes = Set Favorites! (Not quite the full set but copies of my favorites! 25 images total!)
20 votes = Set Favorites + 5 bonus images
30 votes = Set Favorites + 15 Bonus Images
35 votes = Set Favorites + All 19 Bonus images!

Vineyard Nymph (Self Shot)
20 votes = Full Set
30 votes = Full Set + 5 Bonus images
35 votes = Full Set + 10 Bonus Images
40 votes = Full Set + 17 Bonus Images

Getting Comfortable In The Theater
20 votes = Full Set
25 votes = Full Set + 3 Bonus Photos!

**Below are sets that I have copies of the full set, but no incentive images for. Instead I'm offering 1 bonus unrelated photo for each vote over 10. This could be anywhere from headshots to full nude. For multiples you are guaranteed a nude image in your bundle. I have more nude images than I do fashion/beauty!

Waterfall Wonder
20 votes = Full Set

Rhoma and the Black Leather Jacket
20 votes = Full Set

Working With Waterfalls
20 votes = Full Set

Alleyway Extravaganza
20 votes = Full Set

Inspired By Nature
20 votes = Full Set

Chain Me Up
20 votes = Full Set

For all other sets not listed: I just don't have the incentive images from the sets at this time! However I will give unrelated bonus images for each vote over 10 votes! This is a Free For All, so it will be a mix of nude/pinup/implied/fashion/beauty/glamour ect... Multiple votes over ten will guarantee nudes in your bundle!

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We set something up soon!


Very nice and beautiful snow white esq set. I could def. see it maybe as a dress in the once upon a time tv series with snow white. while I wouldn't say its exactly something snow white would wear since you said its a esq kind of set I still think its a beautiful dress and you look very sexy in it. I love a lady in red.


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! It was so much fun to shoot, even in freezing temperatures =]